Rest to Success: Zen Momentum

The Premise Behind this mental health break is “Take this job and shove it” very nicely, “you know where”

and in the process of moving toward That goal: I will fully Acknowledge and Embrace the Reality that I Design My Life

(As an adult, I have FULL CONTROL over the things I WILL and will not do. This means, in no uncertain certain terms, I walked up in this b*tch and I can walk the f*k up out!) ok. Now that That has been established – I have the urge to JUMP, yes, but let’s be practical here, If I Have to Jump – and I Have To – I will bring a parachute with me, I will study ‘how to’ exactly jump, and maybe bring a snack? yeah I’ll do my due diligence so that the Jump will be less daunting.

Enter in my ASAP need for a break RIGHT NOW!!! revealed to me as I loudly banged on the cabinet at the desk I sat at in the belly of the beast. TOTALLY out of character for me! but *A Sign* so I took it…

Today starts my Zen Momentum: 7 Days of Bliss, I Design My Life. Rest to Success – NO KIDS ALLOWED Edition

What exactly is this exotic tangle of wordage?

I fully recognize the life sucking soul devouring j.o.b. I’ve been working and the need to move on to Greener pastures. For me, this will mean moving onto entrepreneurship of some sort. I must work from home and I must do the things I enjoy doing. Until then, I will not take on another soul zapping j.o.b. I will patiently work toward my goals. Now is the time to Embrace the Now.

working in the belly of the beast is f’n exhasut-ING and when I get home I am exhaust-ED. I work on my spiritual refinement each day but it is abundantly clear to actively Work toward fulfilling my soul’s desires to be FREE. I mean, we all have to work/struggle in some aspect, so why not do work that I enjoy?

So, I designed a beautiful Zen plan of [further] action that will be to both Rest and Success, that encompasses my mind, body and spirit because I’m doing what I love. BTW there is NO WAY to be unSuccessful at this, when you are honoring your soul’s desires.

and working toward my ultimate goal at the same time, which is to honor by soul’s desires All Day Long ♥

Day 1 –

                Before we get to day 1, actually I like to Prepare. I made a sign “MOM is CLOSED until further notice”

and on the flip side “You’re an “Adult” – Figure it Out”

and taped it to my door

ok yeah, no it didn’t work, but it put me in the right mindset.

Moving right along…I also prepped Exactly what I hoped to accomplish in this 7 days

Spirit      1. Emotional Mastery           because my peace of mind is my most important asset

Body      2. Stretch My Body             because my physical prowess is my most valuable asset

Body      3. Diet                          because my Health is my most valuable asset

Spirit      4. Plan your Exit Strategy              because my Soul is my Most Valuable Asset

Mind     5. Read Each Day                             because I like reading

Spirit      6. Look for Volunteer Opportunities    because I haven’t volunteered in a long time

Spirit     7. Start my new YT channel               because I want to express appreciation for people who feel unappreciated

That’s a lot to accomplish in only 7 days, so realistically I set to accomplish 1 Main thing that I absolutely Must get done on each of the days, while Focusing on fulfulling my daily spiritual routine that keeps me sane

I’m just chronicling this journey because it feeds my soul as I have the urge to write and this is helping me keep things focused and organized

I hope it helps someone else as well.

Tuesday Day 1:


Deep Breathing

Meditate with intention

Sun Salutation

Deep Stretch

Om Stretch


Hair/Skin/Nails Spa Day


Emotional Mastery Program


sacral chakra meditation




deep stretch

Recap of today

Welllllllllll…. it went well. Don’t forget, there is no way to fail at this as long as I’m honoring my soul.

So the kid I live with totally disregarded the “Mom is closed” sign from the moment I put it up and it seemed to encourage her even more to be in my space. That’s ok, I’ll just utilize the lock on my door next time.

I did my morning routine, then I escaped to the park for a beautiful walk in what turned out to be a very beautiful day. it was so peaceful. a lot of people out walking their dogs. One very tall and handsome man made a point to stare at me in the face as I basked in the sun, listening to my spiritual video, and said a pointed ‘hello’, to which I thought (damn I should have put chapstick on!) and then nicely said ‘Good morning’. it was a 36 minute walk. then back home to stretch.

So a note on the stretching – I reconfigured my living room into a Zen space so there is no couch. Instead, there is a foam floor covering over the hardwood floors, that we use to stretch and reflect and its super cozy. So cozy, Zoe, our rabbit roommate, claimed it as hers and doesn’t really want anyone else on it. She’s either pacing back and forth across the mat or standing on the corner of the mat the whole time I’m on it and sometimes, accidentally I’m sure, bites me while I’m in downward dog pose. Today though, aside from her marching over to the mat as soon as I got on it, she was pretty chill about letting me use it; she even went into her box and didn’t stare at me the entire time. SO I discovered the late morning is a good time to use the mat without being stalked or harassed or bitten. Good Discovery.

                So back to the stretching – it was a beautiful full body stretch from my scalp (massage) to my toes and then I took a nap and then the spirit moved me to start writing and then the spirit moved me to do a powerpoint presentation and then there were technical difficulties but it is all good. I deviated a bit from my week’s schedule but when energy flows in a given direction, I like to ride the wave. It’s more satisfying. I still have to do my emotional mastery program and “spa day” tonight but its only 9pm and also I feel really good about what I accomplished today. Zen day 1.  

Oh and I didn’t wake up at 5am. I left my cell phone outside my bedroom and woke up at 6am but it was still all good.

How could it not be?

I Love and I want You to Love.

Much Love,


Published by cherrymoor

Well. (Sigh). I am a writer. I have always been a writer because I’ve always loved writing. And yet, I just realized a few days ago that I am a “writer”. What does this mean? It means I have a Need to write, a Calling to write, it completes me. Simple, right? Why am I just now realizing this? I always keep my written thoughts to myself, for the most part, only really sharing on occasion. I don’t really like speaking out to much, although when I do I am absolutely certain in my resolve. I’m also a researcher, which is why I am certain in my resolve. I am writing this quite frankly, because of a feeling. A feeling that I need to do this. Before I started writing this, I titled this “healing”. Interesting because I had no idea what it would be about, but it is about me doing something that I love and healing myself through the process. So, I want to encourage anyone who reads this, to do exactly what you love and you will be healed. Healed from the stress of repressing something that is dying to get out. Healed from society’s view that plugging into the matrix and working to make others wealthy is the way to go. Healed from the mental slavery that appreciates the pennies our government throws at us when this is a world of abundance. Healed by the ability to break free and do exactly what you want to do. Don’t care about the details, not anymore. My path has led me to this place, at this time, right now, to begin doing what I love and I will follow that path as I always do. I always say, listen to your body, and it will tell you what it needs. Wishing every human and animal on planet Earth heartfelt LOVE and peace of mind. Cherokee

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