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Hi, I’m Cherokee and welcome to Cultural Appreciation that bridges the cultural gap. I started a cultural appreciation channel to offer some extra support to people, especially people of color, during this global shift in our humanity.

One thing I’ve know for a long time is that ALL people want the same things, ALL over the world. We all want to be appreciated, we all want to feel a measure of power within our own lives, we all want to ENJOY our life. We have similar struggles, needs and desires. And we have Sooo much more in common than is different. This channel strives to appreciate ALL cultures but yes I will start at home. We will also explore the Intersectionality of various cultures (women cultures, black women cultures, gay black women cultures – you get the idea – Intersectionality at its best – and how we relate to each other. We’ll explore Emotions, Psychology, Education and most of all LOVE in all its many forms.

This is Cultural APPREciation that bridges the cultural gap because it serves us all to respect each other’s differences. And I desire, that by highlighting the Beauty and Strength of ALL cultures, we will begin to move toward one culture of humanity in which Each Person is allowed to express their differences while still being respected and appreciated.

Within these pages I will discuss my observations of humanity over the course of my lifetime and ways we can learn from each other and build up our individual and collective Love. Of course, it first starts at home. We must practice love for self and love for others in our home, in our community and then globally. How can we do that? Let’s Dive In ♥

The Cultural Connection – Promoting Unity Consciousness

“Change Your Perspective, Change Your Life!”

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