Is CHEESE Racist?

there is a popular sub shop in central nj, so popular there are two locations. Occasionally I enjoy a good sub there and one of my favorites is a simple turkey and cheese. but not any cheese – yellow american, in particular, is my favorite combination with turkey. plain, simple, no frills, no lettuce, no tomatoes, just mayo, salt, pepper, turkey, cheese — yellow cheese.

                over the course of years, every time I go to this sub shop there is no yellow american cheese, only white american cheese and white american just doesn’t have the flavor profile that I enjoy with turkey. Now I love all cheese, a lot. A whole lot. But I don’t care for white american because it doesn’t really taste like anything. maybe I’ve never had white american cheese on the appropriate food item to bring out its (in my opinion) rather bland flavor? Who knows? Either way, because it doesn’t enhance anything for me, I don’t include it on anything. So there we have it.

                after years of settling for an uninspiring turkey sandwich from this sub shop, the next time I went there I told myslef, ‘You know, every time I come here they never have yellow american cheese and I don’t want to settle anymore because I really want what I want. So, if they don’t have it – again – I’m not coming here anymore’. I figured they just always ran out and by the time I got there they were out of it. Even though I always went in the afternoon around lunch time? But I never really thought that deeply about it.

                so I enter the sub shop, wait my turn, ask for a turkey and yellow american cheese and they told me, as usual, they only have white american. So I asked, ‘are you OUT of it?’ to which the woman said “We only have white american”, so me trying to understand why the deli place doesn’t have yellow cheese, which I thought was the most basic cheese there is, I questioned further… ‘I really want turkey with yellow american. Do you EVER have yellow american cheese in stock? to which she replied “We only have white american”.


actually it took me back like that guy eating his favorite childhood dish from the movie Ratatouille, only I didn’t flash back to a happy place in my childhood, I flashed back to a scene from the comedic movie “Life” with Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence: “White Only Pies”

“These are white only pies” a woman told the duo who walked into a diner where negroes were not welcome.

“We only have white american”

…*sigh*…. really? are we doing this? this is what we’ve come to? what, yellow cheese is too “asian” for you? [I didn’t say any of this, nor did I feel slighted since I live in a thriving food district]

so I said ‘oh I really wanted yellow, oh well thanks’….and left

thanks but no thanks. you know, I’m perfectly fine spending my money someplace a little more “cheese friendly”.

from the movie: ‘’Well how far is the nearest rest stop? … 35 miles!”

well I don’t live in a remote place in the country so I don’t have to go 35 miles to get to the nearest deli shop, maybe 2, so I’m very thankful I have options.

                i believe we’re better than this. I have noticed sometimes black people going a little too far perhaps with “black everything” in an effort to appreciate our culture even more…black car, black clothes, black on black on black. While to each his own, I know we can appreciate our respective cultures without bringing food and other inanimate items into the equation…cant we? I mean why does cheese have to suffer? Isn’t yellow cheese American too? I mean asserting your power with white on white on white….lawdy. oh lawdy. oh well, I guess if black people can do it…..

i think we (humans) are just a wee bit sensitive once we start bringing colored items into the equation. maybe we’re just a little sensitive, once we start claiming all “black” items that exist in the world as ours and white people start claiming all “white” items that exist in the world as theirs.

i mean with that philosophy they must love when it snows, because I guess that means they have God’s blessing since its snowing “white” from the heavens…

and a black person could argue “Well God blesses us every single night with a black sky but now the white people try to take whats rightfully ours by infusing our black sky with white star light…

yes, im being facetious

and I really, really hope no one is offended by the references above

because I do not want to offend anyone. I honor everyone in love

But sometimes we just have to laugh at our own behavior.

I desire us all to be a little less sensitive.

and its not just because I want a good turkey and cheese sammich.

its because if we can stop looking outside of ourselves for “power” and “justice”

and we begin to look within ourselves at the power we already possess within our God Given dna,

we will be so much happier

because that is where our power lies

within each and every one of us

and within our unity together

Much love to all of the white people and all of the black people who feel the need to surround themselves with colored items to define their self-worth and value.

I see you, I value you and I love you. you are truly powerful, no matter what shade of cheese you are.

#onelove, #onehumanity, #thepowerisinthepeople

P.S. I invite you to take the journey within by listing 5 things you absolutely LOVE about yourself and just One step you can take to improve your own life. We are both the Masterpiece and the Work In Progress At the Same Time. Let’s work on Progress Together ♥

Published by Cherokee Sunrise

Boy what a shift! Our humanity is shifting, our respective cultures are shifting, These are certainly exciting times we are living in now. And what will we do with these changes? I am writing this quite frankly, because of a feeling. A feeling that I need to do this. Before I started writing, I titled this blog “Healing”. Interesting, because I had no idea what it would be about, but it is about me doing something that I love and healing myself through the process. So, I want to encourage anyone who reads this, to do exactly what you love and you will be healed. Healed from the stress of repressing something that is dying to get out. Healed by the ability to break free and do exactly what you want to do. Don’t care about the details, not anymore. My path has led me to this place, at this time, right now, to begin doing what I love and I will follow that path as I always do. Listen to your body, and it will tell you what it needs. Namaste. Wishing every human and animal on planet Earth heartfelt LOVE and peace of mind. Cherokee Sunrise! Cherokee resides in New Jersey and can be reached at:

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