Did Skin Color Matter to Slaves? Perspective 7 of 13 | The Slavery Project Breathe In…Breathe Out…Breathe In…Breathe Out…Breathe In…Breathe Out Ok…here we go…We’re all in this together… Sentiment around American slaves often exclusively focuses on weakness. And is rather one-note, namely, people either worked in the field picking cotton or they worked in theContinue reading “Colorism”


Nonconformer – a person who does not conform to generally accepted standards or customs. Perspective 6 of 13 | The Slavery Project Nonconformers are an important part of society because they provide the rest of us with perspective, and most importantly – with options. They inadvertently push against the status quo which gets us toContinue reading “Society’s NONCONFORMERS”

 Its a Human Thang…

Bullies – Victims And the Game of Thrones Perspective 5 of 13 | The Slavery Project It is often said that life is a game. A look at history reveals a very clear pattern present in most societies since… Forever. And that is:  As long as human beings have sought to oppress each other, theyContinue reading ” Its a Human Thang…”

John Brown and the Underground Railroad

Perspective 3 of 13 | The Slavery Project If there is ONE person we have all heard of in black history, who stands out because we actually know who she was and what she did, We are all familiar with the Queen Harriet Tubman, neh Araminta Ross. The details of her story may not beContinue reading “John Brown and the Underground Railroad”